The Evolution EP features four songs, which were recorded in May 2013 at Another Recording Company (Omaha, NE) and at NYN Studios (Nashville, TN). Engineered by A.J. Mogis and Gary Gold. Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Gary Gold. Co-produced by Tim Kasher. 

Released: Nov 22 2013 by Arlook Group Music

Diego Clare - guitars/piano/vocals
Tim Kasher - lead guitar
John Svatos - bass
Pat Oakes - drums

Diego Clare - guitars/keyboards/vocals
Tim Kasher - lead guitar
Sara Bertuldo - bass
Roger L. Lewis - drums
Gary Gold - percussion

Diego Clare - rhythm guitar/slide guitar/elec piano/vocals 
Ted Stevens - lead guitar
Tim Kasher - bass
Clark Baechle - drums

Diego Clare - guitars/piano/synth/vocals
Landon Hedges - lead guitar
Tim Kasher - bass
Matt Baum - drums
Gary Gold - vibraphone

Strings Arranged by Nate Kinsella
Quartet led by Andrea Zonn:
Andrea Zonn - violin
David Davidson - violin
Chris Wilkenson - viola
Emily Nelson - cello


Partially inspired by John Steinbeck's novel Cannery Row, my second album Even Now (Part Two) was released as a sequel to my solo debut Even Now (Part One). Part Two was recorded in a week in Nashville, Tennessee over the summer of 2011, and was released in January 2012. 

All songs & lyrics by Diego Clare 
Produced by Gary Gold 

Guitar/Piano/Vocals: Diego Clare 
Lead Guitar: Mike Ripoll 
Bass: David LaBruyere 
Drums: Gary Gold (All Whizzing By: Matt Sherrod) 

Luke Dolahenty: Acoustic Guitar 
Billy Nobel: Keys 
Ben Holst: Lap Steel 
Demetrios Pappas: Keys 
Max Abrams: Woodwinds 
Matt White: Trumpet 
Oscar Utterstrom: Trombone, Bass Trombone 

Horn Arrangements: Max Abrams 
String Arrangements: Steve Weisberg 
Conductor: Lee Curreri


Even Now (Part One) is my solo debut inspired by the John Steinbeck novel, Cannery Row. I was 17 when I wrote these songs. Recorded with a session band in four days at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles. Released in December, 2010.

All songs & lyrics by Diego Clare 
Produced by Gary Gold 

Lead Guitar: Mike Ripoll 
Bass: David LaBruyere 
Drums: Gary Gold 
String arrangments: Steve Weissberg (conducted by Lee Curreiri)

The Limetree Warehouse was a band I created in high school. This was our Welcome EP, which we recorded in a day at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles, and released in June of 2009. I wrote these songs when I was about 15/16 years old. The first track, "On the Line" was even featured in an episode of the critically-acclaimed FOX series House M.D.

All songs & lyrics by Diego Clare 
Produced by Gary Gold 

Guitar/Chord Organ/Vocals: Diego Clare 
Background Vocals: Taylor Thompson 
Lead Guitar: Jordan Meltzer 
Bass: Collin Citron 
Drums: Ethan Arlook 
Keys/Synths: Shahrod Khalkhali 
Violin: Jae Pabst 
Cello: Georgia Lill 
Trumpet/Baritone: Spencer Ludwig


hi there!

You can now Download my album Diegesis. Give it a listen below:


Diegesis was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at Another Recording Company, with the help of Tim Kasher (Cursive) and several musicians at Saddle Creek Records

The full track list includes members of Cursive, Desaparecidos, The Faint, The Good Life, Tilly and the Wall, See Through Dresses, Ladyfinger (NE), and more.

Engineered by A.J. Mogis and Gary Gold.

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Gary Gold.

Co-Produced by Tim Kasher.

Additional string arrangements by Joan of Arc's Nate Kinsella (aka Birthmark).

This album would not have been made without the undying support of Richard Arlook & Gary Gold

Click on an individual track to see credits (each song features a different line-up), and please don't forget to like, comment, or share with your friends!

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photography by   José Virgilio

photography by José Virgilio


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